Acne comes from a continuous development of pimples or zits. It can be on any part of your body. People in the age bracket of 11 to 30 years are more likely to have got it at one point of their life. Statistics show that approximately 17 million of the American population has at one time had acne. The good news is that the condition is not life threatening and goes away easily. Check out acnefree reviews and learn more about how you can address the issue.

Causes of Acne

To be sincere, nobody really knows what specifically causes acne. Most experts hold the belief that the rise of androgen leads to acne. Androgen is a human hormone, which develops during adolescence. That is why acne gets to people who have reached their adolescence and above. Its (androgen) rise in the body interferes with the production of body oil. The skin takes more oil, and this attracts bacteria. The accumulation of bacteria on human skin block pores and that is the primary cause of acne.


But there are more causes of acne as other some schools of thought have projected. Here are the most known causes;

· Build up of bacteria in skin pores:

This is what is believed to be the main cause of acne. The accumulation of bacteria over the pores leads to less skin breathing. As a result, the skin reacts, and there is the formation of pimples. If this keeps happening more often, then you will get acne.

· Accumulation of dead skin over skin pores:

Dead skin is not good at all. It blocks skin pores leaving them with no breathing space. As a result, the skin has to skin an alternative to finding some way to breath. This will lead to pimples or what is popularly known as zits. If the dead skin stays there for long, you will probably get acne.

· Over production of oil in the follicles:

Sometimes your skin produces more oil than it is necessary. This will lead to accumulation of oil over your pores. They are left with no breathing space. This, as usual, will lead pimples, and the result is acne.


· Any kind of dirt blocking your pores:

As you can see, any dirt forming over your pores is a catalyst to acne.

Now you know the causes of causes of acne. They are all associated with dirt forming over your skin pores. With this knowledge, it should now be easy to avoid catching acne for it is not a pleasant condition.…


Raspberries are one of the most nutritious fruits that you can engage in and not just because they are sweet but the fact that they are great health-wise. You will find that they offer a lot of health benefits to your body that you won’t find in a lot of foods. So, if you are thinking about engaging in some of these sweet fruits, there are some health benefits that you should be aware of.

Below are some of the health benefits of raspberries. These should mean that you increase your intake of them and include them more in your diet. Take a look at some of the health wonders of raspberries;

Cancer Combating Properties

Raspberries are packed with a lot of antioxidants which are essential in the fight against cancer. They have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants that help your body to fight off cancer cells in your body. The only other that comes close to them are tomatoes; raspberries are ahead of these by almost ten times. This reduces and virtually eliminates the development as well as a reproduction of the cancer cells in your body. So, increase your intake of raspberries and you run a lower risk of ever getting cancer.


Maintenance of Cardiovascular Health

Blood pressure, as well as heartbeats, is regulated by the potassium content that is found in raspberries. They are rich in these minerals that help the heart in making sure that it is healthy and doing its work normally for your own good. Minerals like manganese, iron as well as copper are all found in these fruits which are essential in the production of red blood cells.

Improves Immunity

Vitamin C is what is needed in the development of disease-fighting organisms in the body. The vitamin C that is found in these fruits help in the boosting op0f antioxidant levels which in turn assist in the cleaning o0f blood cells so they can stave off any viral infections in the body. His also helps in aging so that for years on, you will still be healthy.

General Health of your Eyes

ghhgdd764They help in cleaning as well as protecting the eye which is done thanks to the combination of vitamin C and A which is found in the raspberries. They also keep the eyes from drying out so that you can always have a healthy vision all the time. These are just some of the many health wonders of raspberries.

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Eyes are the most neglected but they are the most active muscles in our body. Eyes help our brain to function normally and provide us with vision. But there are a lot of problems in our day to day life if eyes fail to work properly. The following are the tips to help us to keep our eyes safe from harm and protecting them.

Visit The Doctor Every Six Months

dssfscsIt is important to pay a visit to the eye specialist to keep our eyes safe once in six months. Unless you get a check-up you might not understand that you have an underlying eye problem. Always get your eyes checked up after every six months especially if you are 40 years and above to detect eye issues related to advancing age.

Never Dehydrate Yourself

Our bodies need water to function in a reasonable manner; it is entirely made up of water. It is advisable to drink at least two liters of water in a day. Our body needs water to get rid of toxins from our body system; our blood is made up of water, our digestive system depends on water and our eyes stay hydrated with water. Our eyes can be dehydrated by not producing tears if we do not drink enough water.

Wear Eyeglasses As Instructed

Some individuals have been prescribed eyeglasses, but they ignore the fact that they are supposed to wear the glasses. Our eyes are active and fast organs, and they always work to prevent disruption in vision. These people get an impression that they don’t need to wear glasses though they strain their eyes. The prescription may get stronger if you don’t wear your glasses in time. Make a point of wearing spectacles if you have been prescribed.

Wear Photo Chromatic Lenses

They are special treated lenses that change to tinted from clear when worn insfcfcffcfc sunny conditions. The UV rays assist the small film in the glasses change its color to dark brown or from colorless to light depending on the make. You don’t need to keep switching between sunglasses to eyeglasses when you use photo chromatic sunglasses and this is beneficial for the eyes. These glasses keep eyes safe as they block UV rays.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy is vital as our bodies extract the needed nutrients from food. Eyes need minerals, vitamins, and other items to keep them in good working condition and healthy. Eat right proteins, vegetables, fruits, and amino acids. You can also your doctor’s advice on taking supplements for your eyes.…


Every woman and man possesses hair as a natural ornament. The appearance of an individual is enhanced by a healthy and thick hair. Hairdressers and hair salons play a significant role in maintaining healthy hair. The following are the tips to keep in mind to make sure your locks remains in good condition.

Take A Protein Rich Diet

Locks are made up of proteins. It is important to take a proteixsfscfscsfsn rich diet to ensure that they are in good health. Meat products and dairy products contain proteins. So you should include eggs, milk, and chicken in your diet. It will assist in adding the volume and strength to your locks.

Wash Your Head

Hair is always exposed to dust and heat unlike the rest of your body which is protected by the clothes. It makes them prone to dust particles and sweat gathering on your head. It could lead to premature hair graying and loss of hair quality if you don’t clean it regularly. So hair should be washed three times a week. You can wash them daily in the case of hot weather. You should wash your hair by using a good soap or shampoo.

Oil Your Hair

It is essential to apply oil to your locks once a week to ensure their well-being and this procedure is critical if your hair is dry. Dandruff results from a dry scalp. You will appear very untidy if your head scalp is full of dandruff. It is significant to oil your hair in the duration of the winter season; your hair also gets nutrients from oil.

Avoid Dyes And Hair Colors

dfcefcfeWith age, everyone experiences graying hair. But it is advisable to avoid dyes and hair colors till then as they could result in harmful consequences skin discoloration, hair breakage, allergy and skin irritation. Dyes and toxic chemicals lead to this negative impact. Your hair could thin and dry which can quickly break if you use excessive coloring. Hair colors usage is linked to cancer by some medical experts, so it is significant to avoid reliance in dyes.

Drink Sufficient Water

Our bodies can be dehydrated if it lacks water. It could lead to the weakening of the wellbeing of cells and stall their reproduction. If the hair growth healthy cells are affected, and this could lead to extremely weak head locks. For proper growth, the root of the hair requires a healthy water supply. So it is essential to take a proper intake of water.…